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Transparency is the basis of every improvement we strive for. This transparency is like turning on a lightbulb in a dark room. It allows you to take the right path, the right door and thus gives you the confidence to make decisions, which are necessary in today’s complex world. Our BI solution SCIO® (Latin “I know”) provides this decision-making security. From the traditional spend cube and purchasing controlling to process mining tools and inventory optimization – many companies are already working with SCIO® to make fact-based business decisions. Thanks to many years of experience and expertise, we know the technical requirements of the supply chain and their technological feasibility. This knowledge enables a quick integration of current systems and individualization to the respective requirements of the company regardless of the systems and information currently used.


The spend module combines the necessary information for professional purchasing and enables interactive analyses according to different perspectives such as product groups, suppliers, locations, processes or materials. This transparency leads to fact-based decision-making that has a positive impact on the management of overall spending. Reports for various applications can be created at the push of a button, like negotiations, product group optimization or inquiries from stakeholders (including management, owners). In addition, the module serves as a control instrument for the KPIs defined in purchasing, which are automatically collected at any time.

Purchasing Controlling

How do negotiations and savings efforts actually affect the company-wide spending? The presentation of actual P&L effects often is a challenge for purchasing and controlling departments. In our purchasing controlling module, these effects are made transparent, as well as comparisons against the market (benchmarking) or historical developments are possible. At a glance, you can identify potentials and which measures need to be taken to improve your performance.

Process Mining

The first step in improving a process is to create transparency of current process variations. In the process mining module, all business processes are visualized on the basis of digital traces in the ERP system and throughput time, capacity and frequency are analyzed. Outliers and anomalies can be identified and analyzed in greater detail by filtering different dimensions (like locations, articles, process steps). The interactive design also allows the integration and mapping of target processes in order to optimize operational processes step by step.


A rule-based allocation based on demand is –in addition to a structured demand planning process– the most important process for increasing availability and reducing inventory. The inventory module enables those responsible to recognize inventory potential and supports the creation of the most important rules for a sustainable reduction in inventory. Algorithm-based processing of historical data can be used to create forecasts and trends for inventory coverage of all articles and help to adjust rules for allocation.

Spare Parts Management

MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) is a difficult area to manage due to the heterogeneity of its articles and the large number of different stakeholders and interfaces. The results are almost always too high inventory levels and therefore a lack of space. The SCIO spare parts management module combines current inventory levels with orders and actual consumption to ensure consumption-based inventory levels and thus reduce these levels by up to 60%.

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